If only it were easy!

The other day I saw something that said, “Fitness isn’t hard” and another article stating that it’s “easy to get healthy”. You know, you see those things all the time that claim to make things “easy” or “fast” or “effortless”. …


Good Nutrition for Migraine Reduction

I am a chronic migraine sufferer. I have them at least 2-4 times a week. I lose entire days to them.  However, things have improved since a year ago when I was having migraines that lasted sometimes up to 10 …


Any and all movement is good!

I wrote this for the members of my migraine support group, and since migraines are a big part of my life, I thought I’d share it here as well.  Many of our members are severely debilitated by their migraines, fibromyalgia …


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I was just now donating on behalf of our entire family to because I support causes here and there. But because we live in southern California where we are experiencing a drought, none of us will be pouring water


It’s Instinctual!

Put a little instinct back in your life!

Yesterday I watched a Disney movie called “Bears”.  It follows the life of a mother bear and her two cubs for one year as they look for food and deal with their …


That’s just me….

I like to keep up with the latest and greatest information regarding fitness, nutrition and overall health. In fact, last night, I spent about an hour studying the shoulder complex trying to fully understand this issue I have with my …


It’s like shopping at Target!

Have you ever shopped at Target or Walmart thinking you’re spending so little money because each item seems like a deal? Everything seems so inexpensive, but your order totals $159.25!! How could that be? Well, all of those smaller purchases …


Are you stressed?

Stress is a frequent (and biologically somewhat necessary) component of all lives and comes from many, many sources. The stress itself is not normally known to cause disease or illness, but when the body is under chronic stress, the adrenal



As my friend Erika Ford said recently, “Our bodies are hard wired to communicate with us”. Are you listening to yours? How do you feel after you eat processed foods vs whole, real foods? How do you feel when you


My coconut oil trick :)

Coconut oil is great for many things like cooking (especially foods that need a higher heat since it starts as a solid), washing your face, moisturizing, a hair mask and supposedly as a deodorant (not sure about how that works).  …

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