References are available upon request.  I have clients that have been with me for many years, and they would be happy to share their experiences and opinions about me. In addition, I have taught corporate fitness classes and can provide references from both participants and management.



“You are one of the best trainers, teachers on food choices and motivators not only in exercise but in my life. I will always be thankful for you giving me a push in the right direction. I was making wrong food choices, portions too much and just not active until you came and helped me overcome my back problems and my lack of motivation. I am so thankful for you Cary Dominguez your my little angel on my shoulder. I am walking 5 miles 3 times a day and coming back to you for the holidays lol. I am also happy to report down another pant size and the scale I wanted to throw out the window that had not moved in a long time….well Dr visit yesterday I was down 18.6 pounds!!!!!! I screamed and scared the nurse!!! lol thank you so much Form and Functional training. I think I will reach my goal of 50 by 50 ❤” Marlene L., Rancho Penasquitos, 2013

“Cary has done an outstanding job augmenting our corporate wellness initiative. She offers a regularly scheduled program that assists employees to increase their fitness and ensures that they understand how to use the equipment in our gym and how they can achieve their individual objectives. Her professional expertise combined with an engaging personality has drawn extremely positive response from our employees.” John F. Schierer, SPHR, VP of Human Resources,
Cobham Sensor Systems

 testimonials-image“The highlight of my week is going to work out with Cary. The environment at Cary’s Garage makes for a very motivating workout session. Cary is truly a professional at what she does. She is encouraging, motivating, and a true expert on fitness. I consider her not only my personal trainer but my friend!”   Kristen N. – Scripps Ranch

“35 years ago I threw a javelin “pretty good”– making the Olympic team and throwing for a total of 16 years. Fast forward to Cary’s Garage where Cary inspired and educated me on doing a workout that my 50-something year old body needs. I highly recommend Cary for anyone looking to work with the body they have into the body that’s possible with her great guidance.”  Mary Osborne Andrews– business owner and U.S. Olympian

“Had my doctor visit today and have some good news. My cholesterol has always been borderline 200-220 and for the first time I got a 198!!!!! Yahoo. <200 so happy and all the other tests were normal and blood glucose she was worried about was perfect. No diabetes for me! My blood pressure has been really good and normal so maybe in 6 months I can be off my meds . Thanks for helping me get healthy!” Marlene – Rancho Penasquitos, 2012

Cary is *amazing* and so knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition! I love all the information she shares with me and I truly look forward to all my workouts with her. Her program has given me the results I’ve been looking for! I’m so thankful for her program, I haven’t felt this good in a long time! Thank you Cary! –Heather Marie


“Cary is exceptionally knowledgeable in the area of personal training and nutrition. She gave me advice that I still follow to this day. Even though I have not been able to work with her recently, she still continues to keep in touch and share her words of wisdom. I would not think twice about hiring her again and hope that it will be soon.”  Sherri B – Rancho Bernardo

“Cary is a great trainer. She really cares and gets so involved; you can see how passionate she is about it. I would recommend her to anyone!” Becki S. – San Diego

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