It’s Instinctual!

Put a little instinct back in your life!

Yesterday I watched a Disney movie called “Bears”.  It follows the life of a mother bear and her two cubs for one year as they look for food and deal with their environment.  Most of what they do is accomplished by instinct.  No one told her that she needs to eat enough during the summer to store fat to produce milk for her babies during the coming winter.  She didn’t read on-line that she needs to protect them from predators, and an app didn’t teach her to fish.  She does it because it comes naturally.

We humans have great instincts and intuition too.  However, many people have lost their ability to follow them.  We are in such a habit of turning to electronic media, other people’s experiences and paid professionals that we have come to rely on all of that instead.  Following your instincts and/or intuition gets better with practice, and you absolutely can be a better you by quietly listening to your own body and mind and making choices accordingly.

Here are a few suggestions for following your intuition:

Hungry? Eat. Eat food (and drinks) your body can digest properly and use for efficient bodily function.  It can, and should, taste good too, but stay away from chemically processed, sugar-laden foods which just slow down your system and possibly leave you even hungrier. Read ingredient labels. Get to know ingredients and their effects on your system so you know if you should stay away from them in the future.

Tired? Sleep.  Be sure you’re doing all you can to get quality sleep at night and give yourself enough hours for the body to recover from the stresses of daily life. During sleep our bodies go through phases needed for muscle repair, memory consolidation and release of hormones regulating growth and appetite. If you’re consistently tired during the day, take a look at your schedule and see where you can get some more of this precious asset.

Lethargic? Move.  Human bodies were meant to move.  Sometimes when we’re feeling slow, it means we need more of the feel-good hormones that are released when we exercise or even just go for a simple walk. A body in motion stays in motion! Another reason you may be lethargic is that you’re not drinking enough water. A dehydrated body will not move as efficiently as a hydrated one.

Down? Socialize. Humans are social creatures. If you’re feeling down (not the same as a serious depression), a little interaction with others may be just what you need.  You may not feel like it, but seeing friends, chatting on the phone or even just smiling at strangers in a coffee shop could be just what you need to lift your spirits.  Want an even bigger lift? Volunteer and help others needier than yourself.  This does a world of good for all involved.

The point here is to slow down, take a few minutes to really assess what’s going on with your body and then follow your intuition to give it what it needs.  It’s instinctual!

One thought on “It’s Instinctual!

  1. Heather Mordhorst

    Love this! My grandfather used to always say, “Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.” So true!!

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