7 Tips to make goals a little bit easier

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Is drinking more water a goal? Leave a filled Brita pitcher on your kitchen counter with an empty cup next to it so first thing in the morning, you sip water. (and take your probiotic)

Is sleeping better a goal? Buy an old-fashioned alarm clock and stop keeping your phone by your bed. Plug it in to charge, on silent, in a different room. You’ll be okay…trust me. 😉

Aiming to move more? Instead of overwhelming yourself with a 5-7 day plan, aim for 3 days of 30-45 minutes. I promise if you just get started, you’ll find yourself doing more and more.

Want to reduce chemical exposure? Use vinegar solutions for cleaning and ask for e-receipts instead of paper ones.

Trying to reduce overall caloric intake? Stop eating within 2 hours of bedtime, whatever that bedtime is each night. Brush your teeth early to signal to yourself that eating time is over.

Need better time management? When you’re home doing random things, set a timer (I use the microwave timer) for 20 minutes. When the timer goes off, reevaluate to see if you’ve got time to keep doing what you’re doing or if it’s time to get ready for something or do something else.

Want to improve your mood? Make your bed each morning right after getting up. This can set the tone for a good day by pushing you up and out of the bedroom. Clearly you’re not going to get back into an already made bed…. 😉

I’ve got more, but you’re probably tired of reading by now…. Have a great, healthy day!!

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