Happy New Year!

day 1 of 365Happy new year!!

I know you expect every trainer to try and sell you something to help you reach your ‪#‎resolutions‬. And maybe it’s a little cliche to talk about resolutions, etc, but the fact is the start of a new year is clearly an opportunity to make some changes and take on new objectives. You’re going to hear lots of buzz words used because they’re good marketing, and celebrities will try to convince you to use the product or service they are being paid to sell.  ‪#‎glutenfree‬ ‪#‎weightwatchers‬ ‪#‎jennycraig‬ anyone?

But that’s not really me. Of course I want people to hire me. But I’m committed when you’re committed and until then, you have to find the motivation to take the next step.

THAT I think I can help with. What is it you want to accomplish this next month? I say month because an annual goal is often overwhelming to people. It’s not a bad idea to have one and to write it down, but then the trick is identifying the steps to get to that goal, and that’s where smaller goals and habits come into play.

Are you trying to lose weight? (Are you going to spend money on yet another ‪#‎diet‬ that you’ve tried in the past because “it worked” but you’ve gained weight again–hmmm…..did it really work?)

Do you want to save more money? (big goal) Do you want to drink more water? (specific step towards losing weight) Do you want to be more charitable? (big goal that’s very easy and good for your health as well) Sleep better? Be less stressed? (both steps towards helping lose weight and be happier) Travel more? (might go along with saving money) Start a business or work on growing your business? (A dream of yours?) Exercise more? (well, that one is kind of obvious….)

No matter what the ‪#‎goal‬, you can do it if you break it down into steps. You may or may not need professional assistance. I do believe everyone has it in them to reach their goals, but we all need help. For instance, I’m not a big fan of cooking so I have occasionally used cooking services to make this task more successful for me.

The main point is that it’s a not only a new day, but a new year that holds all kinds of possibilities, opportunities, risks and rewards. What are you doing to do with 2016?

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