Think personal training is expensive?

Think personal training is too expensive? Let’s talk about that for a minute.

Maybe you’re in good shape with great cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, etc., and you’re not on your way to diabetes like the approximately 50 million Americans around you.  If this is true, fantastic!!  I’m proud of you!!

However, if the above doesn’t describe you, can you afford to pay the prescription and health care costs associated with the most prevalent diseases and conditions affecting many Americans in this poor-health epidemic we’re facing?

These are the average costs for the medications for some conditions (from several different sources with variations depending on the meds, the insurance situation, etc):

High Cholesterol:  as much as $309.97 per prescription

High Blood Pressure:  $8 – $134 per prescription

Anti-depressants:  $10- $70 per month

Diabetes: $115 – $170 monthly (An average of $6000 per year when you add in Dr’s visits, etc)

None of these costs include Dr’s visits, medication, treatment and time lost from work for the following things associated with those illnesses: heart disease, stroke, liver & kidney damage, eye damage and poor recovery from illness and surgery.  Nor does it factor in the cost to your quality of life as you deal with the potential side-effects of the meds.

The CDC estimates that diabetes patients will pay, on average, twice as much for medical care as those not affected by the illness. In addition, as we age, our balance and muscle strength worsens which can lead to falls, which lead to hospitalizations and the complications associated with them and then increased medical bills.  Lastly, obesity contributes to a faster wearing down of the joints which may lead to a knee or hip replacement.  This is expensive, not only due to rising medical costs, but the time lost from work and life activities.

When you weigh the above costs of being ill against the cost of taking good care of yourself, it seems that it may be worth it to invest in your health now instead of paying the increased price later.  This is entirely up to you. Only you can overcome your obstacles to getting healthier, but a professional can help you get there once you’re ready.  How do you want to spend your money?

How do you want to spend your money?

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