Paleo Man cracks me up!


As always, I’m here to pass along some information I think is helpful (or in this case funny as well). The first is a link to an article in Huffington Post that I actually laughed out loud at.  You may or may not be familiar with the latest diet trend called The Paleo (or Caveman) Diet.  It assumes that we will lose weight and live healthier lives by eating like our ancestors did millions of years ago.  Like most trends, there are some good parts to this (eating lots of vegetables) and bad parts (avoiding ALL grains).  Most diets create a reduction in calories which is why a person loses weight on them.  However, most “diets” with a name can also create a nutritional deficiency and can not, and should not, be continued long term.  Therefore, following a diet, with a name, for a lifetime becomes a daunting, and unhealthy task.

I’ve been cooking more lately.  Shocking, I know! Here are two recipes I’ve made that I’ve really liked:   I left out the syrup (didn’t think it would need it) and walnuts (I’m not a big fan of nuts in things), and I also used almond milk instead of cow’s milk because I wanted to cut the overall calorie content (and because I’m not eating/drinking dairy right now).  Oh, and I also made it only with blueberries because that’s all I had, but next time I’ll add more fruit.  This marinade was really, really good on chicken, and easy to make (especially if one of your clients brings you about 150 key limes….)  Try to ignore the annoying ads on this site, the recipe is worth it!



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