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I go on one to two-hour drives frequently, either here in CA to see my uncle or in Jersey to see my birth father. Recently when I stopped somewhere to use the restroom, a little girl jumped out of her family’s van and vomited on the ground. Then, in the bathroom, the poor girl continued to heave a bit. Someone went to get her a Sprite, and the other little girl with her was saying, “It’s okay, you’re going to be okay”.
It got me thinking. Car or motion sickness is an invisible condition for the most part. Just like migraine disease, addiction, anxiety, add, depression, fibromyalgia, and many other neurological or nervous system disorders.
When someone is car sick, everyone is sympathetic and offering to help. The symptoms become gradually more obvious, while at first no one would know from the outside that the person feels miserable inside. Yet if the afflicted tells others that they are feeling sick, the others will often make an effort to get the person whatever they need to feel better, move them to the front seat, stop for fresh air, etc. They BELIEVE the person is sick.
Keep in mind that just because you can’t see what others are suffering from, it really can still exist and deserves your sympathy and maybe your help. Migraine sufferers and others may not be visibly “ill” sometimes, other times we have very clear outward signs of our illness. Our faces pale, our eyes won’t open all the way, we can’t tolerate lights, sounds or smells that no one else is bothered by. We sometimes can’t speak clearly or walk a straight line. And then there’s the pain (not always though, pain is just one part of a migraine attack). The pain can make a person want to take their life.
There are a lot of things in life that we’re asked to BELIEVE in and somehow we’re capable of doing so even without “proof”. Yet many of the sufferers I mentioned above are not taken seriously in hospital ERs, by their own doctors and sometimes even by their own families. In fact, even if they’re vomiting and unable to move off the couch, others will doubt them and treat them poorly. They will be told that it’s not “real” or that they just need to get up and move around to feel better. ER docs will tell a patient they can’t have the meds they need to stop the excruciating pain that has completely debilitated them.
Insurance companies deny important tests or create situations where the cost for whatever therapeutic item is deemed helpful by the tests is so expensive that the person can’t afford it so they go back to taking the pain killers that are cheap. That’s screwed up. To me, this shows us that the insurance and pharmaceutical companies don’t actually BELIEVE in our illnesses. If they did, they’d do something to actually help people get better, not just keep treating the symptoms of their disease, keeping them ill.
Ask yourself, do you BELIEVE in #invisibleillness? Are you open to at least accept that a friend or family member suffering from a neurological condition that you can’t see is just as sick as that little girl throwing up outside the van is? Can you be that person, who, like the other little girl in the bathroom, tries to help make the sufferer feel better or at the very least believe in them and offer them encouragement?
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