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You SHOULD and You CAN

I want to apologize. I’ve been talking a lot (on social media @carysgarage on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) about what you shouldn’t do, and I actually think it’s more important to talk about what you CAN and SHOULD do. So


The Risks of Daily Miralax

Pediatricians sometimes recommend that parents give their young children daily doses of the laxative Miralax for constipation problems. There is growing evidence that this is not a good idea and may be connected to serious neurological problems.

There are safer


Sleep, OTC Sleep Aids and Mag-a-hol (don’t drink it!)

Sleep is really important. But it’s really hard to get for some people.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, do you take a sleep aid? When I need something, I sometimes use Nature’s Made 3mg melatonin with L-theanine. Many people use


To Salt or Not to Salt

real salt

We’ve talked about salt a lot in the past in my migraine support group and whether it’s beneficial or not and how it helps migraines. It’s an important topic for everyone, not just migraineurs because for good health, we all


Allergies? How are your vitamin D levels?

USA, New York, New York City, Manhattan, Central Park, Close up of woman sneezing

There’s a lot of talk about seasonal allergies right now; on the news, internet and in people’s living rooms. One thing few people are mentioning is how much vitamin D which is actually a hormone naturally produced in the body)


7 Tips to make goals a little bit easier

Need some tips for sticking to your 2016 goals? 52292f582ec90ea75ba3996cb96625af

Is drinking more water a goal? Leave a filled Brita pitcher on your kitchen counter with an empty cup next to it so first thing in the morning, you sip water. …


Happy New Year!

day 1 of 365Happy new year!!

I know you expect every trainer to try and sell you something to help you reach your ‪#‎resolutions‬. And maybe it’s a little cliche to talk about resolutions, etc, but the fact is the start …


Weighing In

Wrong way to weigh yourselfLet’s talk about the scale. Most people either hate it and avoid it or are obsessed with it. Or are obsessed with hating it! While weight loss most definitely helps with improving one’s health, over use of the scale is


Cary’s Garage — Tools for Success™

I keep hearing people say they got a good start in January and then slacked off in February. Is it time for you to renew your commitment to being healthy?

This is an on-line support group for those interested in …

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